Baldwin Landing Testimonials


Yessssssssss!  We’re there!  Where am I?  I am at the my uncle’s lake.  The lake is my favorite place in the world.

When I go to the lake, I go boating on a pontoon boat because I love boating.  I also go surfing because they have a surfboard.  I like to paddle.  I love to go tubing because they have a tube and it is one of my favorite things to do.  I go fishing because I love to fish.  It’s fun.

When I go to the lake, it looks very long (like 90,000,000,000 Mi.)  The lake looks very deep (like 9000 mi).  Normally, the lake looks very fun.  The lake sounds like crashing waves and motors because there are boats and waves.

I love the lake because I love water and there is a lot of water.  I love to eat meat and we eat a lot of meat.  I love my aunt and uncle since they are nice.  I also love my cousins since they are entertaining.

When I go there, I feel way relaxed since there is no rush.  I also feel very, very good because there there is water.  I feel super, super happy since I see my cousins.  I also feel so peaceful because there is peace.  This is why it is my favorite place in the world.

–          Lou  (Age 9)


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