We could hardly wait for that first summer weekend – Baldwin Homeowner

The Memorial Weekend approaches yearly with great anticipation as it marks the end of school.  This year however was very different.  We could feel the rising anticipation of something greater in our household; another summer on Baldwin Lake!  Our four kids could hardly wait for that first summer weekend at the lake we have grown to love.  Lake Baldwin has become a special part of our family life and a huge part of our families togetherness.  We have grown to love the community and look forward to our time spent with our neighbors who have in time become our friends.

Our second summer is met with a house that has now become our home.  It is also met with the comforts of knowing it is a place of fun and rest as the saying “All Lake and No Rake” has become a reality.  We wake up each morning to the beautiful lake view, a bubbling creek and the anticipation of all that the day may bring.

Our youngest springs out of bed to the hopes of spotting and catching the latest unsuspecting turtle, while my husband and I sip coffee in our pajamas on our deck enjoying the spectacle of her amusement.   Gradually we walk to the beach to rest on the chaises and catch the early day sun.  After a very restful sleep, our boys eagerly walk down to meet us and  begin a day of wave running on the lake.  The days are spent wave running, tubing, swimming, rafting, playing volleyball and grilling lunch and dinner.  Our children can hardly wait until boating is added to their list of activities!  Thank goodness for the generosity of our neighbors, who welcome us aboard.

We have all come to love sunset the best as it brings us together as a community to the bonfire pit to reminisce over the day, catch up, and enjoy a cocktail and smores.  Sometimes even a game of flashlight tag!

Baldwin Landing is a unique and special place.  The developer, Paul Delano has been amazing .  His vision has become our reality and his commitment to our community and to our families makes our lives and time spent there easy and fun.  Every need is met to ensure our happiness and comfort.

Baldwin landing has brought our family closer together.  The fun we share with each other are memories that will last a lifetime.  It is no wonder we refer to Baldwin Landing as Mom’s Paradise!

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